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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who are you?

JSX has been developed as a research project at DeNA Co., Ltd., one of the leading social game providers in Japan and in the world. The main developers are Kazuho Oku and Goro Fuji (a.k.a. gfx).

Q. What are the license terms?

JSX is provided under The MIT License.

Q. Can JSX be used together with the Google Closure Compiler?

The current optimizer of JSX focuses on expanding short functions inline. It often inline-expands functions that are not handled by the Google Closure Compiler. On the other hand, Google Closure Compiler is very good at optimizing the expressions within a JavaScript statement.
JSX emits JavaScript fully-annotated by type hints understood by Google Closure Compiler, so that the code generated by the JSX compiler can be further optimized by the Google Closure Compiler.

Q. What are the future plans?

Some of the features we might add to the language are: generic programming, asynchronous error handling, default arguments, named arguments, node.js support.

Q. How can I contribute?

Your contribution is welcome in all areas, from contribution to the language development to tweeting about JSX :-)
We desperately need more libraries, including a high-level interface for web programming (like jQuery). Although it would not be included as part of the JSX distribution, such a library would help us and others using JSX a lot!
It would also be great if we could have syntax coloring support in editors other than vim (.vim file for syntax coloring of JSX code is included in the etc/ directory of the distribution).